"I have always loved clothes. Growing up in the small Scottish town in a household with 4 sisters, fashion was always a hot topic amongst other things!

After working in fashion for many years, I became disillusioned with the lack of beautiful but affordable items on the high street. On a cold day back in 2015 my sister visited me wearing the most fabulous coat, unique, edgy but so expensive. I decided to try and source the fabrics and set about designing and creating a range of beautiful coats which were much admired and sold like hot cakes. Demand was so high I worked hard to source suppliers who were able to make them for me and Love from Lola was born"

Wool and cashmere is another passion of mine. Cashmere is gorgeous but I find the choice of styles increasingly dull and very expensive. I decided to source directly from Mongolia and Nepal.

My raison d'etre is about finding or designing lovely pieces that are not readily available on the high street, never ordering too many of one style so my customers are all individual.

Less is definitely more but everything you wear has to have something interesting, even the smallest detail. It is always better to wear something simple, easy and elegant.

Wear it with ease, comfort and confidence and never let a piece of clothing wear you.