Smeralda Dress in Linen

£139.50 £279.00

A simply beautiful woven linen dress, figure hugging, full length and sleeveless with two side splits at the hemline.  This dress has been crafted with skill and knowledge of the linen yarns, giving it a beautiful colour which changes depending on the sunlight.  Shades of turquoise, green, emerald and blue, mirroring the sea.  A gorgeous piece of clothing easy to wear anywhere.

Company reality proudly Made in Italy, where the entire production process is carried out internally: from the yarn to the finished product. This is La Bottega di Brunella, where quality comes from a long and consolidated tradition of craftsmanship.

Skill and enthusiasm create Moda Mare Positano creations with natural and lively colors, using gauze, cotton and linen: fresh and light materials, which bring the mind back to the warm and passionate beauty of the sea of ​​the Amalfi coast.

The streamlined and efficient structure of La Bottega di Brunella guarantees meticulous control of the quality of the products, made by the expert hands of designers, technicians and model makers, capable of developing ideas and emotions that refer to the tradition of the sweet life of the 60s, but always re-proposed respecting the trends of the moment. Textile fibers are transformed into precious yarns, thanks to the help of professionals and cutting-edge machinery, which guarantee the strength, elasticity and lightness of the materials and therefore a finished product of excellent quality.

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